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Life story
April 4, 2014
September 12, 2014
October 18, 2014
October 22, 2014
                                                                 I NEVER WENT AWAY

                                                         I stood by your bed last night
                                                           I came to have a peep,
                                                         I could see that you'd been crying
                                                           And you found it hard to sleep.
                                                         I whispered to you softly
                                                           As you brushed away a tear,
                                                         "It's me,I haven't left you
                                                            I'm well,I'm fine,I'm here.
                                                         I was close to you at breakfast
                                                           I watched you pour your coffee,
                                                         You were thinking of the many times
                                                           Your hands had reached out to me.
                                                        I was with you at my grave today
                                                          You tend to it with such care,
                                                        I want to reassure you that i am not lying there.
                                                        I walked you towards the house
                                                         As you fumbled for your key,
                                                        I gently put my paw on you,I smiled and said "It's Me."
                                                        You looked so tierd as you sank into your chair,
                                                          I tried so hard to let you know that I was sitting there!
                                                        It's wonderful for me to be so near you everyday,
                                                         To say to you with certainty
                                                           "I never went away."

                                                       You sat there very quietly
                                                         Then smiled,I think you knew
                                                       That in the stillness of the evening
                                                          I was very close to you.
                                                        And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide,
                                                          I'll rush across to meet you,and we'll stand there side by side.
                                                       I have so many things to show you
                                                        There is so much for you to see,
                                                       Be patient,live your journey out
                                                        Then come home to be with me!

                                                           I love you Momma
                                                            OCTOBER 22,2014 
October 22, 2014
Passed away on October 22, 2014 at the age of 17and a half years old.
October 22, 2014
Didget came to me a little over 15 years ago.He was a rescue from some very bad people,who thought it was alright to hit,kick, and toss Didget around!So when he first came to me he was a scared little boy.So scared in fact that you could not even open a bag of potato chips around him without him scurrying for cover.It took me almost a year to get him to understand that he was safe and was no longer going to be hurt.Once he understood that he blossomed into something so special.Didget was a one of a kind little guy,whom loved going anywhere with his Momma.He did not care where it was as long as he could be by my side.He really enjoyed his raw hides,and loved to tease everyone with them.He would put them right in your face and dare you to take them and when you tried he would turn around as if to say i do not even think so!He loved to go swimming,and that was a special treat too,as when you put him over the water his little legs would just go.So most the time he did not even have to really have to touch the water to do his swimming!And he was so affetionate,really enjoyed giving kisses to whomever would allow him.He also loved sleeping on top of his Big brother Bear.Who was a Lab Nuffy mix,and Bear did not mind it at all.Bear was like the daddy dog to him.I was able to get papers for my baby boy stating that wherever i went he could be there.So he was able to go grocery shopping with me,into reasturants,you name it,and he enjoyed every part if it because he was a social butterfly.He loved everything and everybody!He taught me so many different things,and i am going to miss him severely.He was my constant compainion,and friend.I was always telling him that if there was a way that a human could marry a animal i would marry him,as he was so loyal and true.To me he was my little honey and no one had ever touched my heart that way that Didget did.There now lays a empty void in my heart and soul that aches for him,but i do know that my little guy is in Heaven and is awaiting his Momma's arrival.Didget had a awesome joyous happy 15 yrs with me.Alot of people use to tell him that they wish that they could die and come back and have me as their owner!But anyway niether here nor there.He gave just as much love if not more as he got in return.I felt always so blessed that i was able to have Mr.Didget in my life.At the ending of his life it got harder,and harder.As i truly did not want to have to say goodbye to my best friend,pal,mate,my angel!But i knew he had only been lent to me and that God had entrusted him to me for awhile.One day unfortunantly soon i would have to make the decision to have to say goodbye!Didget's heart failed first,then he went into kidney and liver failure!The vet and i and of course o bullheaded Mr.Didget,kicked that right in the butt.At least for a little while.Little did we know we just were keeping it at bay!Eventually his bladder failed him,and he could not control it.I found out he was back in kidney failure and decided that i could not,would not put him through any more.And that it had now come the time to say farewell to my llifelong friend.Little did i know it was going to be the toughest decision that i would ever have to make!But i had decided that if i was going to have to say farewell to my lifelong friend then i was going to take him where he enjoed going the most,McDonalds!And he got two cheeseburgers and some icecream,that he enjoyed so muchWinkRest now my Precious Little Angel and wait for Momma
January 1, 2015
Mommy i want you to know that i am just grand,i now rest in The Father's Hands.Where i will wait for you to come,but until that day i want you to smile,run and have fun.Enjoy life the way you should,just remember the good times and not the sad.For one day you too will cross and we will be forever glad.No more tears will then be shed,because we will be together once again!"♥I Will Always Love You Mommy♥♥♥♥
                                                    LOVE MR.DIDGET JANUARY 12,2015 
Mr.Didget,no doubt in Mommy's heart your in Heaven and when i seen this it brought tears to my eyes as i thought about my Special Boy,and my Best Friend,You.So it seemed appropriate that it should be viewed on your page.I Love And Miss You So Very,Very Much.One day we will be together again."